Tuesday, September 30, 2014

The Baron's Honourable Daughter book review

The Baron's Honorable Daughter by Lynn Morris

Title: The Baron's honorable Daughter

Author: Lynn Morris

Genre: Historical Christian Fiction

Plot: Valeria Segrave is the step-daughter of the Earl of Maledon.
When the Earl suddenly dies Valeria steps up to take care of her fragile mother and her six-year-old half brother, who is now the Earl of Maledon.
 Valeria, who is vivacious and independent, experiences her first season in the fashionable part of London. Valeria is given lots of advice on how to act and who to associate with, but doesn't know whom to place her trust in.

What I liked about this book:
  The author was fantastic at describing dresses, scenery, and characters. While the plot sounds cliche', Lynn Morris' writing made the stereotypes seem new and interesting.

The characters had depth and varying personalities that kept the plot moving.

What I didn't like about this book:
There were many references to prostitutes, immoral relationships, and like, but they were shown in a very negative light.

My rating: 3



  1. Haven't read this one. I tried some of (Gilbert) Morris' earlier books and while I liked them well enough, they never became favorites. Thanks for reviewing this!

    1. This is a pretty enjoyable Christian romance.
      If you do give this a try I would like to her your thoughts on it.

      I haven't read any of Gilbert Moriss' books. I don't think they would, personally, be my style.