Saturday, September 26, 2015

// Monthly Favorites // Septemeber 2015

Another month is nearly gone.  I only posted twice on my blog this month, sadly. I started school in August and with school comes homework.  Because of that, I also only read one book this month.
I do have some plans for my blog next month. I want post reviews,  discussions, and other book-related stuff on a somewhat regular basis.

Now to the things I've enjoyed in the month of September.

// K-Drama Webseries //

These shows have 12-18 episodes that are only around 15 minutes each.  I really like watching these types of shows when I don't have time to watch a normal hour-long episode of a tv show.

Exo Next Door and To Be Continued are both so adorable and fun. I hope to find more webseries like these two.

  [STARCAST] The way to fully enjoy EXO’s drama 'EXO next door’:        See Kim Sae Ron and new K-pop group Astro in To Be Continued on DramaFever!:

// Doctor Who season 8 //

New image of The Doctor and Clara from Doctor Who season 8 premiere episode ‘Deep Breath’. Watch the premiere this Saturday, August 23rd at 8/7c on BBC America!:         "Doctor Who" season 8 premiere.  Planing on going to go see this!!(((::

Netflix recently added season 8, much to the excitement of my family and I. I was, however, skeptical of Peter Capaldi's portrayal of the Doctor when I first started this series. By the end though I started to warm up to him. The Doctor and Clara had many dramatic things happen to them at the end, so this season ended in a bit of a cliffhanger. I'm looking forward to season 9 's release.

//  She Reads Truth App//

She Reads Truth is an online site geared towards women which provides reading plans and devotionals. You can sign up for emails or even use the app. They also have a great guide to read through the Bible in 365 days!:

This free app has The Bible in it and allows you to add notes, highlight, and bookmark verses. Plus, it also comes with free, beautiful lockscreens for iphones.

// DramaFever App//

Download DramaFever's App - Free!:

This app, which is very similar to Hulu,  has a lot of Asian tv shows ( I watch k-dramas on it). The app and a account are free. If you want to watch new episodes and have no commercials you get a premium account, which is a few dollars a month. I just use the free services, and it works great for me.

// Hi- Chew candy //

Morinaga Hi Chew Candy, Tropical Mix, 3.53 Ounce (Pack of 6) It's like a cross betwen a gummy bear and starburst. It starts off chewing like a gummy bear and then swallows like a starburst, but not as sweet as one. The flavors are "Juicy" and not overly sweet. I've always enjoyed Hi-chews, but I'd never tried the tropical varieties, so I blind bought a box of these. And, I'm glad I did because I absolutely love them.:

These delicious candies actually taste like whatever fruit flavor they are. I want to try out the other flavors really soon.

What about you?

What are some things you've enjoyed this month?

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Discussion : Christian Romance Novels

  This video got me thinking (please watch it before reading the rest of the post).
 Now, I don't hate Christian romance novels; Julie Klassen and Jen Turano are two of my favorite authors. However, I do think Katie Gregoire made some good points.
Just because a book is labeled as 'Christian' doesn't mean that it's brings Glory to God and is appropriate. I think it's good to be careful what you read, even if it's techinically 'Christian'.
For me, moderation is the key to reading Christian romance novels.  I find if all I'm reading are those type of books I start thinking things , like " I wonder if/when I will meet the right man'' or ''I wish I knew guys like the guys in this book''.

I know this could be a controversial topic.
I also know that most of you enjoy reading Christian romance novels. I'm not trying to put you down or trying to convince you to give them up. I just wanted to bring up a topic that isn't discussed much in the Christian blogging world.
Now that you've heard my opinion on this subject, I want to hear yours.

Do you agree with what Katie said in the video?
Why or why not?

All I ask is that you keep it a friendly and open discussion.