Thursday, September 25, 2014

My thoughts on Booktube.

   Over the past few years many music artists and beauty gurus have become famous for their youtube videos.
  I recently found out that there is another branch of youtube becoming very popular- Booktube.
 Booktube is a community( in a sense) of people who make videos about, you guessed it, books.
As someone who loves youtube and books I started watching Booktube regularly after I found out about it.  There is something about watching and hearing someone explain a book that makes me understand a book better than a blog post usually can.
  That being said Booktube isn't perfect. It took me a while find booktubers that didn't cuss in all of their videos and who reviewed books I would actually consider reading.

I have found three Booktubers that I enjoy watching.


                               Ramblings and Green Tea

I like Madi's reviews of classics because their really thorough without containing spoilers.
 I don't recommend all of her videos thought, since she does cuss every once in a while.



I just recently discovered this youtube channel.
Lizzie has a fun personality that makes her videos enjoyable to watch. 


                                          Books for Mks

I really love Kailey's channel. Kailey runs a charity called Books for Mks that donates books to American missionary kids all over the world.
 She does a lot of reviews of childrens' books and classics.

What about you?
Have you heard of booktube? If so, what are you thoughts on it? Do you have any favorite Booktubers?


  1. LOVE booktube! It kind of gives me the thought that it'd be fun to try booktube then I remember that I'm not big into putting my face out there on the Internet and I probably would be terrible in comparison to some of these vibrant personalities. :) I watch a few, though most of the ones I watch are secular YA, which I know isn't a genre you read a lot of.

    Glad you're enjoying it, Ella. :)

  2. Thanks for commenting Rissi!
    I have thought about making a booktube channel too, but I don't for the same reasons as you.
    Your right; I don't read a lot of secular books, but I have been finding a few secular gems lately that I really like.
    Do you have any YA recommendations?

    P.S. Glad your enjoying Booktube too!

    1. If ever you do create a booktube channel, be sure to let us know, girl! :)

      As for YA recommendations... well, I have enjoyed the Doon series and Mary Weber's "Storm Siren" plus I just read (and will be reviewing next week), "Thunder" by Bonnie Calhoun, which wound up being really good. I've also heard great things about Ally Carter though I haven't had a chance to read them yet. :)

  3. Thanks for the reccommendations Rissi!!
    ' Storm Siren' and 'Thunder' sound really cool so I would like to give them a read. I will have to give your reviews a read to learn more about the

    P.S. If I ever start a booktube channel I will definitely let my fellow bloggers.