Saturday, May 30, 2015

May 2015 Favorites

I don't know about you, but I enjoy seeing youtubers and bloggers monthly favorites. So I have decided to start doing it regularly.
These are just some of the things I enjoyed in the month of May.

                              // Instagram//

I created an instagram account for my blog this month. I've had fun getting to keep up with fellow bloggers and  sharing what I've been reading.
             If you want to follow me click here


                             // Boys over Flowers//

Boys Over Flowers: Final 11 x 17 TV Poster - Style A postersdepeliculas,

   I never thought I would like watching a foreign tv show with subtitles. This Korean Drama is so much fun and is very addictive. I only have six episodes left to watch and I can't wait to see how it will end. 


                 //Captain America: The Winter Soldier//

Captain America: The Winter Soldier~ I Really Enjoyed This One As Well Can't Wait For The 3rd One.


       I (finally) watched Captain America: The Winter Soldier for the first time last night. I really liked it. I'm looking forward to watching Captain America: Civil War, which is coming out next year.

             // Think of Me from 'Phantom of the Opera'//

"The Phantom of the Opera" - "Think of Me"  God someone please help me fond somewhere to watch this! -MR

    I had this song stuck in my head for a week. It's so fun to sing ( now if only I could hit the high note at the end perfectly. *sigh*).

              // Pure Ice nail polish in 'Happy Hour'//

Pure Ice Nail Polish, Happy Hour, 0.5 fl oz

      My friend owns this nail polish. While I was at her house  recently I painted my nail this color.  It's a beautiful peachy coral shade that complements more outfits than you would think. Now I need to go out and buy it for myself.

                 //  Katie Gregoire's youtube channel//

                  Katie makes videos that are straightforward, funny, and relatable.  Go check out her channel to watch other videos by her.

What about you?
What are some of your favorites from this month?

Monday, May 18, 2015

Kingdom's Dawn book review

Kingdom's Dawn (Kingdom,Book 1): Chuck Black: 9781590526798: Books

Title: Kingdom's Dawn

Series: The Kingdom series

Number in series: 1

Author: Chuck Black

Genre: Young Adult Christian Fantasy

Plot: Leinad lives with his father, Peyton, on their farm in the valley of Kerr. Peyton is teaching Leinad the art of sword fighting, which Leinad isn't sure why he is learning.
 When Peyton tells Leinad of his sad past, Leinad begins to understand his purpose in life. As tragedy strikes Leinad's family and country his must stand up and fight for his King.

My thoughts:

Although this book is a size of a novella, it doesn't lack a thoroughly well written storyline.
This is an allegorical story, so it has similarities with events found in Genesis and Exodus. I really liked how the author incorporated the stories of Adam and Eve, and Joseph, in a unique way.

All in all a great read. I'm looking forward to reading the other books and the series.

My rating: 3.5

Thursday, May 14, 2015

Inescapable book review

Inescapable (Road to Kingdom Book #1) by Nancy Mehl,

Title: Inescapable

Series: Road to the Kingdom

Number in series: 1

Author: Nancy Mehl

Genre: Christian Mystery Fiction

Plot:  Lizzie Engel left  her family after being treated harshly by her father throughout her life. 
 Lizzie has spent the years since she left raising her young daughter and working for a non-profit. After Lizzie starts to receive mysterious threats she moves back to her home town, Kingdom, Kansas, a small Mennonite community.
Lizzie isn't sure if she can forgive those who hurt her in Kingdom, especially her father. Can Lizzie forgive and keep her daughter safe at the same time?

My thoughts:

This book was simple, but in a good way. It's sometimes nice to read a book that isn't complex or time consuming. I have been busy lately, so most of the time while reading this I only had a few minutes to read.

So yes, this book wasn't super special or a must-read, but I did like.
That being said I don't see myself being in a hurry to read the next book in the series anytime soon.

My rating: 3

Saturday, May 2, 2015


Hi! I hope you all are having a wonderful weekend.
  I just wanted to let ya"ll know I now have an instagram. I will be posting pictures of books I'm currently reading, letting my followers know when I've posted a book review on this blog, and random stuff.
 For those of you who have already followed me, thank you!
If you haven't please stop by and let me know your on instagram, so I can follow you.