Saturday, September 20, 2014

Springtime of the Spirit book review

Springtime of the Spirit (Great War Series #3) | Maureen Lang [WWI, World War I, Germany]

Title: Springtime of the Spirit

Series: The Great War series

Number in series: 3

Author: Maureen Lang

Genre: Historical Christian fiction

Plot: Christophe Brecht, who was a Major in the German army, returns to his village feeling defeated. Christophe's parents are both dead and his sister is living in America, leaving Christophe all alone.
 When the parents of Annaliese Duray, young woman who has run a way from home, ask Christophe to find her, Christophe finally feels like he has a purpose again.
 Christophe finds Annaliese in Munich, where she is speaking out for socialist reforms. Can Christophe convince Annaliese to come home?

What I liked about this book:
 Unlike the other books in this series this book shows how the war affected those who were on Germany's side during World War I.
 I learned a lot about the politics of Germany after World War I, which I hadn't really know much about before reading this book.
   All of the characters in this book were varied and seemed real.

What I didn't like about this book:
 One of the characters in this book is a womanizer and makes suggestive remarks every once in a while.

My rating: 3

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