Saturday, October 31, 2015

Monthly Favorites // October 2015 //

Yet another month is ending. The holidays are fast approaching, along with the close of 2015.
Anyhow, here are a few things I've enjoyed in the month of October.



//  Pieces by Amanda Cook  //

"You don't give Your heart in pieces." // Pieces // Amanda Cook #BraveNewWorld         Amanda Cook 'Pieces':

I listened to Amanda Cook's music for the first time recently. Her songs are just lovely, especially 'Pieces'.

// Kpop//

My friends and I made a Kpop Fan meme XD~ <3 #kpop #fangirl #kpopfan #kpopmeme:

I started listening to a few select kpop songs a few months ago. This month I've been branching out and listening to bands and singers that are new to me. A few of my favorite artists are CNBlue , Got7 , IU, and EXO.


                               // Movies and Tv Shows//

// The Avengers : Age of Ultron//

The official Avengers: Age of Ultron poster is here, and I have some questions.:     The Team Assembles In HQ Textless AVENGERS: AGE OF ULTRON Empire Cover:

There is something about Marvel movies that keep us fans coming back again and again. This movie was no exception.
In my opinion this sequel was even better than the original. I'm eager to see what movies Marvel comes out with next.

// Faith : The Great Doctor //

Lee MinHo's Faith official Poster along with other leading casts:  Lee Min Ho and Kim Hee Sun heal each other’s pain with love on Faith:



I started this  K-Drama a couple of months ago, but due to my busy semester , I just finished it this month. It's a historical drama , with elements of fantasy,  which makes it's unique.  Definitely a must watch for K-Drama fans.

                                   // Miscellaneous//

// Sesame seed sticks //
This snack, which is found at health food stores, is so delicious. It tastes like something in between chips and French fries. 
FIY, they taste really good with swiss cheese spread.

What about you?
What are some things you've liked this month? 


  1. Looks like you had some good things to enjoy in October. I listen/have some K-pop songs on my mp3, all from BOF. Maybe I should branch out a bit and get some from other dramas I've seen.
    I've been wanting to re-watch The Great Doctor/Faith, but haven't (watched it over a year ago). Even though it wasn't my favorite drama, it was still entertaining. I like the scene where she puts a flower in his hair- so cute! Just wish the ending hadn't been as abrupt as it was.
    Hope November is lovely for you, Ella. :-)

    1. Thanks for commenting Grace!
      The songs from BOF are fantastic. K-Drama soundtracks are always fun to listen to.
      Glad you like Faith too! There are so many cute scenes. However , I wish they had squeezed in another episode so that the ending could have been longer. Oh, well.
      I hope you November goes great as well:)