Tuesday, October 13, 2015

The Elite book review

The Elite by Kiera Cass | The Selection, BK#2 |  Publication Date: April 2013 | www.kieracass.com | #YA:

Title: The Elite

Series: The Selection series

Number in series: 2

Author: Kiera Cass

Genre: Young Adult Fiction

Plot:  America Singer is now a part of The Elite, the group of 6 girls left in The Selection.  America struggles over whether she should return to her old life or if she is meant to start something knew. Just when America thinks she has it figured out something happens to change her mind again. Can She figure out who to trust amidst the chaos?

My thought:

I have a love / hate relationship with series. I can't decide if this series will become a new favorite of mine or something I don't like at all.

Kiera Cass is such a talented author. Her writing style is so engaging and fun to read. I find it really hard to put down her books. I've lost track of the times I've uttered ''Just one more chapter'' and then finally stop reading three chapters later.
  Her characters seem so real and it feels like you actually know them. It makes you want to find out what will happen to them and the future of their country.

The thing that disappointed  me was America and her relationships with Aspen and Prince Maxon in this book. 
  America would declare that she was loyal and cared deeply about Prince Maxon. Then the next moment America would seek out Aspen and tell him that they still had a chance ( and vice versa). This really annoyed me. It seemed like she was constantly leading both Prince Maxon and Aspen on without being really loyal to either of them. I hope in The One  America will be more decisive on what she wants.

*content*  Couples makeout and snuggle with each other  ( They don't have sex).  One character is beaten after being caught in an intimate situation with someone ( It isn't talked about in much detail). Intimacy in marriage is alluded.  H**l and d**n are used a few times.

My rating: 3


  1. I've not read The One yet, but I really want too! Like you, I hope it produces a more decisive America. ;)

  2. Yeah! That would make my opinion of the series go up.