Monday, November 30, 2015

The Selection Stories : The Prince & The Guard book review

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Title: The Selection stories: The Prince & The Guard

Series: The Selection series

Number in series : 0 (Novellas)

Author: Kiera Cass

 These two novellas show Maxon and Aspen's perspective on The Selection and their relationship with America.
In The Prince , Maxon is extremely nervous about The Selection. Once it's starts , he is unsure of when and who he will choose to be his wife. When Maxon meets America , he is struck by how honest and real she is. Maxon wonders if America might be the one.
In The Guard Aspen is enjoying the life of a soldier in the Palace. After witnessing Maxon and America's closeness, Aspen begins to doubt he and America's future. Aspen will do whatever it takes to keep America by his side.

My thoughts:
I really enjoyed these two Selection novellas. The main books in the series focus on America's experiences during The Selection.
So, it was interesting to see how Maxon and Aspen's lives were also affected by The Selection. After reading both novellas I think I understand Maxon and Aspen better.
These books are defiantly worth a read if you like The Selection series.

My rating: 3


  1. As I remember, I enjoyed reading these novellas as well. One of these days, I am GOING to finish these pretties! :)

    1. I know, right? I still haven't read 'The One'. There's always next year, though:)