Thursday, October 29, 2015

The One book review

The One by Kiera Cass. This the third book in The Selection Series. So good! It was a fantastic conclusion to the series: sad, but so good, and I'm thrilled by the ending. It was so nice to have a book with a satisfying ending for once.:

Title : The One

Series : The Selection series

Number in series : 3

Author : Kiera Cass

Genre : Young Adult Fiction

America and only three other girls are left the selection.
The country is in chaos due to the rebel force, putting everyone in danger. America must make a choice to for her future. Will she make the right one?

My thoughts:

If you read my review of  'The Elite' , you knew I had expectations for this book. I wanted America to be more decisive. She was, to a point, in this book.  She (finally) made some important choices, although I personally think someone of them were unwise.

Like the other two books in the series, the story kept my attention.
A few thinsg I didn't see coming happened , including a few sad things.

Overall I didn't love this book, but I didn't hate it either. I'm not sure if I will read 'The Heir' , since The One wrapped up the story pretty nicely.

Two characters makeout passionately while only dressed in underclothes; they stop short of having sex, due to circumstances. They later fall asleep together. In the morning they are discovered in bed together and people assume they were having sex.

My rating : 2.5

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