Saturday, May 24, 2014

Little Letters: Third Edition

Dear God,
 Thank you for simple, everyday blessings. Please help me to be more thankful for them.
in my imagination as a little girl, I wore dresses like this while reading in a tree

Dear Summer,
 I can't believe you are nearly here. I am looking forward to picnics, swimming, and such that I can only do during summer.

Esta es una de la cosas que más me gusta hacer contigo...Da igual el lugar y cuando porque tú y yo somos nuestro riconcito del mundo!!

Dear 1940s swing music,
 I haven't always enjoyed listening to you, but lately I have. Your so energetic and peppy.

Glenn Miller and 40's Big Band Swing Music

Dear Once Upon a Time Season 4,
 I can't wait for you to come out this fall, especially since Elsa and Anna are going to join the cast.

Anna and Elsa - Once Upon A Time. Can't wait!!!

Dear reading list,
You keep growing!!! I wonder if I will ever read most of the books on my list.
This is my idea for fall. We can dress neardy cute, with clear glasses, skiny jeans? Button ups, tall boots or short boots, maybe one of us can wear spenders, graphic Ts and seaters. Anyone in? Molly either your mom can come or we can use my moms camera! What cha think?

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  1. Fabulous "letters," Ella! Always fun to read this meme. And I agree 100% about ONCE. Something to anticipate. :)

  2. Thanks Rissi!!!
    I agree! I can't wait to see were Once is headed.