Monday, December 7, 2015

// Monthly Favorites// November 2015

   November was a jam-packed month for me. I didn't get to do as much reading as I would 've liked; because of that I only posted one book review this month.  I'm planning on reading a lot during Christmas break, so be on the look out for reviews in the future.

Without any further ado , here are some of my favorite things from the month of November.

                             // Movies & TV Shows//

// Once Upon a Time season 5//

My @OnceABC S4 Finale poster #TrueLove #SaveASaviour @jenmorrisonlive @colinodonoghue1 @LanaParrilla @sean_m_maguire:   Once Upon a Time Season 5 Poster Marries Evils Old and New:

There's been several plot-twists this season that is taking OUAT to new places. The Mid-season finale aired last night ( which I haven't seen, by the way).I 'm interested to see how this season will wrap up in the spring.

// The Hunger Games : Mockingjay -Part Two//

panchecco:    The Hunger Games - Mockingjay Part 2     Mockingjay Part 2:   New Mockingjay Part 2 poster + tickets on sale October 1st:

 MockingJay: part 2 was emotional and sad.  It was also a wonderfully made film and a great end to the Hunger Games films. I hope to re-watch the other films in this series soon.

// The Heirs//

The Heirs:            Kim Woo Bin, Lee Min Ho and Park Shin Hye ♡ #Kdrama - “HEIRS" / "THE INHERITORS" //:

This K-Drama stars some of Korea's most popular and talented actors. Because of that, it's a high quality drama with a good storyline. If you're new to K-Dramas and are looking for a emotional and romantic show , give this one a watch.

                                         // Music//

// The Voyage , by Amanda Cook //

Amanda Cook quote from The Voyage   "What you make of this moment changes everything." // The Voyage // Amanda Cook // Brave New World

This song is a great reminder that God will faithfully guide you as you do His will.

// Luhan's music//

Luhan is a former member of the kpop group , EXO. He recently started his own solo career in China.  Luhan's songs , Promises and Medals, are  beautiful. They also have thought - provoking music videos, as well.

                                // Miscellaneous//

Psalm 63

Psalm 63:1:   Psalm 63:3-4, “Because your love is better than life, my lips will glorify you. I will praise you as long as I live...:

I was skimming through my Bible a few a weeks ago when I stopped at this Psalm. It's a wonderful description of our desire to be closer to God and how to rest in His presence.

What about you?

What did you enjoy in
the month of November?

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