Monday, October 13, 2014

Pegasus book review

Pegasus - Robin McKinley.  I liked this a lot, but the ending was awfully abrupt.  I trust a sequel is in the works ...

Title: Pegasus

Author : Robin McKinley

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

 When Princess Sylviianel 'Sylvi' turns twelve she is bonded to a pegasus like her ansestors before her. Royalty of Balsinland are bonded to a Pegasus to ensure foreign relations between humans and pegasi stay healthy.
  Sylvi is bonded to a black pegasus named Ebon. Their relationship is unusual because they can talk to each other without a translater, something that hasn't happened before to any human and pegasus.  As Sylvi and Ebon grow closer they learn that not everyone is happy about they realtionship.

What I liked about this book:
 This is a very interesting and complex books.
There are  many characters and subplots that showcase the author's imagination nicely.
  The characters soon become familiar and seem very real at times.
It's easy to sympathize and relate to both Sylvi and Ebon.
   The subplots keep the story moving and changing.

What I didn't like about this book:
   This was a pretty long book ( 404 pages to be exact).
Some parts dragged on , which made me wish that the author had cut out a few scenes that weren't necessary to the plot line.
There were also a lot of flashback scenes to past events, which could get annoying at times.

There is some content in it also; there are a few mild cuss words and a very subtle reference to homosexual relationships between pegasi. Magic and spells are part of the plotline.

My rating: 2

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