Saturday, August 9, 2014

My blogging story

  Hi Ya"ll.
   I hope you are having a great week.
I have decided to do a post different from the ones I normally do.
I am sharing the story of how and why I started blogging.

In March of 2011 I wanted the Little Dorrit (2008) opening theme sheet music for piano. Unfortunatly the composer has not realsed any sheet music from that miniseries.
My friend discovered that Marion from All that Glitters( a blog that I can't seem to find now) had figured out the theme song by ear and posted the sheet music on her blog .
After visiting her blog I started reading it often. Through that blog I found many of the blogs I still follow.
  Not too long after that I stared a wordpress blog. I only had that blog a short time before I deleted it.
  I noticed that a lot of bloggers were using for their blogs so I decided to try it. In August of 2011 I started Of  Prose and Daydreams ( it was called A Door in the Air back then)
I kept up that blog for a couple of years. In April of 2013 I took a break from my blog. I realized that althought I liked it, I had lost my inspiration for that blog. So in November of 2013 I started this blog.

How and why did you start blogging?
What was the first blog you enjoyed reading?


  1. Wow, who knew sheet music could lead to a blog? Thanks for sharing! :-D

    Let me see, I started blogging back in 2008 (wow, so long ago) mainly because the thought of having my own site was awesome. It was on a blogging site my mom was on for people who did homesteading/farm stuff. But I don't think I posted farm stuff, so I started one on it's sister site, Homeschool Blogger, which still exists. The early homeschool blogger days were great- I have so many good memories from them. But then Homeschool Blogger changed the format of the site, and it was so different that most of the bloggers I was friends with/blogs I followed, moved to Blogger or just ceased. So I switched to Blogger and started a blog, and then I kept switching blogs and titles. I was not consistent with these blogs, so I would start again hoping to make a better/more fun place. In the first half of 2013, around the time my older sister got married, I started a blog called "Like a Flower." Then, months later, I changed it's title to "Fictionally." Ayear and some time later, that's where I still am today and have to say it's turned out to be the best blog I've had since Homeschool Blogger.

    As for one of the first blogs I liked to read, I think it was called something around "In Pooh's Corner" I don't think it exists anymore (she stopped blogging for a time there, so I haven't checked in awhile), but it was a blog about a girl's life on the homesteading/farm blog site.

  2. Loved your thoughts on bogging! I started out years ago with a geocities Yahoo web-site. When that went under I started my blog about movies and never looked back! I was doing something different on my site before that, but one of my followers suggested I move into moves and I did! And I loved it, then and still do today!

    Your blog is lovely! I'm so glad I have found it!

  3. Grace- Wow! You have been blogging a long time.
    The homeschool blogger sounds really cool; wish I had known about it when it was around.
    Thanks for sharing your blogging story:)

    Net, the movie blogger- Thank you very much!!!!
    I think reviewing is a fun form of blogging.