Saturday, April 5, 2014

In Between book review

Title: In Between

Series: Katie Parker Productions book one

Author: Jenny B. Jones

Genre: Christian Teen Fiction

Plot: Katie Parker finally has a foster home with a Pastor and his wife. Katie isn't to sure if the whole ' God ' thing is for her.
 When Katie gets in really big trouble, can she find forgiveness?

What I liked about this book: It is hilarious!! It is great to read if you need some cheering up.

What I didn't like about this book: Some crude words, like crap, are scattered through out the book.

Would I recommend this? Yes!!!!


  1. LOVE Jenny's books though oddly enough this is a series I've yet to read. Guess I'll have to make it a priority this summer. Sounds like another keeper. :)

  2. Jenny B. Jones' books are really good.
    This is one of her lesser known series. I only found out about it because they have it at my local library.