Tuesday, August 11, 2015

The Selection book review

Simple plot but love it! Never met a literary character who shares so many of my opinions

Title: The Selection
Series: The Selection series
Number in series: 1
Author: Kiera Cass
Genre: Young Adult Fiction

Plot: America Singer lives in a society were lives are based on numbers. America is a five, meaning she's a musical enterntainer.
 Her life is turned upside down when she becomes part of the Selection, a competition to see who will become the next Princess of Ille'a. At first America wants nothing to do with The Selection or Prince Maxon. As America starts to see the world differently she decides to use her new found power for good, but at what cost?

My thoughts:

As most of you probably know, The Selection books are a much loved series in the book community. Because of that, I had high expectations when I first started reading this book.
  This book didn't disappoint me, but I wasn't enthralled by it either. There are a lot of dystopian books out there that are somewhat similar to The Selection. That being said, this book was published in 2012 (before dystopians were extremely popular), so I think it was probably original then.
From what I've said above it seems like I thought this cliche' and boring, but that's not the case. It was very fast paced and I had a hard time putting it down.

I thought the author did a wonderful job of making a story come to life. The characters, in particular America, had good character growth. I liked that when they made a mistake they learned and grew from it.

The main thing I didn't like may make fans of The Selection series cringe. I didn't really care for either Aspen or Prince Maxon. Neither of them stood out in a way that made me want to pick sides. I think I'm leaning more towards Prince Maxon , right now. Since I've only read the first book in the series, it's too early to tell, though.

There is also some questionable content. H**l and d**n are used fairly often throughout the book. Sexual morality of the members of The Selection are briefly discussed.Couples sneak away and share kisses, some of which turn into passionate makeout scenes. One couple wants to have pre-maritial sex, but stop short of doing it, because they know that big consequences could happen.

My rating: 3

Plot: America


  1. I'm glad you enjoyed this to some degree, Ella... and hope if you decide to keep reading you wind up liking Maxon or Aspen better. :)

    1. Thanks Rissi!
      I think I will pick up 'The Elite' latter this month. I hope the characters will start to grow on me as I read the series.

  2. Thanks for sharing your thoughts Ella! I had been wondering if the series was really living up to the hype, but sounds like it has. Might check it out from the library soon.

    1. Your welcome. I hope if you did read it you really like it.

  3. Still not read this series. I've tried more than once, but just keep putting it down. Good review, Ella!

    1. Thanks for commenting Grace!
      I've known about this series for years, but didn't pick it up until after my favorite booktuber kept praising it.