Monday, July 6, 2015

A.D. 30 book review

A.D. 30 - Ted Dekker

Title: A.D. 30: a novel

Author: Ted Dekker

Genre: Historical Biblical Fiction

Plot: Maviah, the illegitimate child of Bedouin sheikh, is sent to Jerusalem. Her traveling companions Saba, a quiet and steadfast warrior, and Judah, a passionate and courageous Jew, believe  Maviah can help save their people from massacre .Can Maviah convince King Herod to aid her, before it's too late?

My thoughts:
 This book is set during the time when Jesus had begun His earthly ministry. Maviah, Judah, and Saba meet Jesus half-way through the book. It was interesting to see what a gentile thought of Jesus words and miracles.
This book has great descriptions, so it was easy to imagine how life was during that time. I also liked learning about the culture of the Bedouin and how Jesus' life affected them.

This book ended on a big cliff hanger so I'm looking forward to reading A.D. 33 soon.

My rating: 3

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