Monday, April 6, 2015

The Hollow Kingdom book review

2004 - The Hollow Kingdom (Clare B. Dunkle). Categoría infantil. No disponible en español.

Title: The Hollow Kingdom

Series: The Hollow Kingdom Trilogy- book one

Author: Clare B. Dunkle

Genre: Young Adult Fantasy

  When Kate and Emily Winslow's father dies, they are sent to live with their great-aunts.
 One night Kate and Emily meet mysterious strangers that scare them. After meeting them, they realize that they might the goblins from local folk lore. Can Kate protect herself and her sister from the monsters in the night?

My thoughts:

  This book is a mix of fantasy and historical fiction. It kind of reminded me Entwined by Heather Dixon , only more gothic.
That's what, I think, made me intrigued about this book.

This book is short for a YA fantasy novel, but it's very well written.
It has a diverse set of characters, is very fast paced, and has a unique storyline.

The only thing I didn't like was the magic found in it. Spells, curses, and fortune telling are prominent themes.

My rating: 3


  1. Glad you thought it was a nice read, Ella! I'm looking forward to book two. Not sure if I'll get to it anytime soon, but I have it ready and waiting. :-D

    1. Thanks for recommending this Grace!
      I'm not sure when I will read the next book either. Maybe this summer.