Thursday, February 5, 2015

Butterfly Palace book review

Butterfly Palace by Colleen Coble

Title: Butterfly Palace

Author: Colleen Coble

Genre: Christian Historical Mystery

Plot: Lily Donaldson goes to Austin, Texas for a job as maid at the Marshalls home. Soon after Lily arrives she sees Andrew Hawkens, her former fiance , who abandoned Lily four years ago.
 When Andrew tells Lily some dangerous secrets, she doesn't know is she believes him. Can Lily learn to trust again?

My thoughts:
I have read many of Colleen Coble's books and I have enjoyed most of them.  This, however, isn't one them. I hate to write a negative review, especially when it's a Christian book, but I have to be honest.

I had two major problems with this book. The first being it was too violent, in my opinion. Several murders took place in this book and most of them where described too much for my tastes.
The killer was creepy and the way he murdered people was weird.
  The second problem I had was inappropriate content.
Two unmarried characters had had an intimate relationship with each other in the past. They both repented of it and asked each other for forgiveness, but they still struggled with lustful thoughts throughout most of the book. That tended to make the book a bit suggestive at times.

I'm sad that this latest book by Colleen Coble wasn't great. I hope that her books in the future will be better.

My rating: 1.5

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