Tuesday, September 1, 2015

Discussion : Christian Romance Novels

  This video got me thinking (please watch it before reading the rest of the post).
 Now, I don't hate Christian romance novels; Julie Klassen and Jen Turano are two of my favorite authors. However, I do think Katie Gregoire made some good points.
Just because a book is labeled as 'Christian' doesn't mean that it's brings Glory to God and is appropriate. I think it's good to be careful what you read, even if it's techinically 'Christian'.
For me, moderation is the key to reading Christian romance novels.  I find if all I'm reading are those type of books I start thinking things , like " I wonder if/when I will meet the right man'' or ''I wish I knew guys like the guys in this book''.

I know this could be a controversial topic.
I also know that most of you enjoy reading Christian romance novels. I'm not trying to put you down or trying to convince you to give them up. I just wanted to bring up a topic that isn't discussed much in the Christian blogging world.
Now that you've heard my opinion on this subject, I want to hear yours.

Do you agree with what Katie said in the video?
Why or why not?

All I ask is that you keep it a friendly and open discussion.


  1. I like Christian romance novels, though not as much as I once did.One of my biggest issues, and one thing I agree with Katie, is that the heroines and heroes are typically wayyyy too perfect in appearance, and it really frustrates me because not only beautiful people fall in love and have happily ever afters. But I do have to disagree that all Christian romance novels are like the one she read from. I did, in fact, read that book years ago (strangely don't remember it being so corny...), and see her point that that particular one is borderline, but not all the ones I have read are. I do agree that you shouldn't use them as a standard to live up to. It can really beat you down and make you discontent. So yeah, I agree and disagree. Guess one just has to be particular while choosing which books to read.

    1. Thanks for commenting Grace!
      I recently realized I don't read those books as often either. I think my taste in books have changed.
      Lately I've been liking biographies and books about other cultures.

      I agree. You do have to be particular about what books you read.
      There are some great Christian romance authors out there that write beautiful books.

  2. Katie has some great points. And the fact about pretty much all Christian books if you read the ones that are the most popular they're not the best ones to read and you 100% have to watch which ones your reading but I don't like putting down a entire genre just for some of the books not being good. But I do believe we need to be careful and conscious in every genre even if it's labeled as Christian. And I really agree with you and to a extent with the video because I have read some of the type of books she talked about and they are not the best but I did not like them even as a younger kid. I don't know if this even makes sense but just trying to put in my $0.02.:)

    1. Thanks for commenting Marklessgirl!
      Yeah, we do have to be careful as we read.
      Not all Christian romance novels are bad (some of my top favorite books are from that genre). Like I said to Grace, there are some great Christian Romance authors out there that write beautiful books. You just have to be selective about which ones to read.

  3. I want to say thank you so much for sharing, Ella! I found the video interesting to say the least and actually commented about what I thought on there. I think Katie had some valid points, but the issue I had is her sharing from WHEN she had read them. She mentioned she was (I think) in middle school and I confess I read similar books at that same page. I agree it can paint an unrealistic picture of what a romance is or how your future spouse should look/be like. However, I see these novels completely different as an adult then when I read them then. I don't necessarily agree with how many romances unfold in Christian romance novels, but that is where the reader discretion comes in. Personally, I can't read many romance novels either. Great post!

    1. Your welcome!
      Like I said in my post it's not something talked about in Christian circles much, so I wanted to have a good discussion on it.

      That's a good point. These books are (most of the time) written for women, so it may not be the best thing to read as a young teenager. If your careful what you read you can find really great books in nearly ever genre out there.