Monday, January 12, 2015

Cress book review

CRESS by Marissa Meyer (Book Three of the Lunar Chronicles). Read an excerpt and author interview on!

Title: Cress

Series: The Lunar Chronicles

Number in series: 3

Author: Marissa Meyer

Genre: Young Adult Science Fiction

Plot: Cinder and her friends are trying to find a way to stop Emperor Kai and Queen Levana 's wedding. They come in contact with Cress, a Lunar computer hacker who lives in a satellite. Cress agrees to help them stop the royal wedding in exchange for her freedom.
As Cinder and her friends come up with a dangerous scheme they learn that they"ll each have to make major sacrifices in order to save earth.

My thoughts:
  This is an extremely fast-paced even thought it is over 500 pages. It brought the events that had started in the first two books to a climax, which was exciting.
  I think the main thing I liked about this book is that I started to really connect with the characters, especially Carswell Thorne and Wolf, both of whom I  hadn't cared much for in Scarlet.
There are also a few new characters, who I think brought a lot to the story.

There is some content- Several couples kiss and think about when they will be able to kiss each other passionately in the future.
 There is a scene where a blind man walks into a bathroom where a girl is bathing. Nothing happens, but it's awkward.
 There is violence and innuendo throughout the book.


My rating: 3


  1. Wow I didn't realize that Cress was a 500 page novel! I'm glad that you liked it! Still debating if I will read the series or not...

    1. Thanks for commenting Laura!!!
      If you like fairytale retellings you might enjoy this series.

  2. Glad that despite the 500 pages (I wondered about that!), this one moves fast. That is a plus for sure. :)

    1. Thanks for commenting Laura!!!
      Most books that are over 500 pages don't move fast, but I'm so glad this one did:)