Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Songstone book review

Title: Songstone

Series: None

Author: Lena Goldfinch

Genre: Teen Fiction

Pages: 304

Plot: Kita is a servant girl of the evil Matiko, whom she hates.
  When Pono, a journeymen from a nearby village, rescues Kita she believes her worries are over. Unfortunently Kita worries have just begun. Kita and Pono are kidnapped by the mysterious Huwi, who, just like Kita, are pale and have red hair.
  Has Kita finally found her long lost family or enemies?

What I liked about this book: The story line had many twists and turns so you couldn't really guess how ended. The ending didn't make the peoples lives completely perefect, which was a breath of fresh air.
  The world the book was set in reminded me think of Hawaii.
 Also the charcters seemed like they could be real people.

What I didn't like about this book: It has a lot of magic in it, but dark magic is shown in an evil light.

Would I recommend this? Yes, especially to people who like books set in a different culture.

I received a free e-book copy of this book in exchange for a honest review.


  1. Great review, Ella! You bloggers are doing a great job of promoting Lena's already epic-sounding books! :)

  2. Thanks Rissi!!!
    If you read any of Lena's books in the future I hope you will get a chance to review them.

  3. Love all the things you pointed out about the book, Ella! Thank you for participating in the blog tour. :)


  4. Hi, Ella!

    Thanks for your review of Songstone and for joining in on the blog tour! :)

  5. Amber- Thank you for hosting the blog tour!!!

    Sandra Leesmith- You are welcome:0

    Lena Goldfinch- You are very welcome!!! Thank you for the free e-book. I like your style of writing.